Why choose Elgeadi Traumatology?

Why choose Elgeadi Traumatology?

Top professionals
We consider the human value to be the most important component of effective treatment for any disease.
Latest technology
We are at the forefront of technological development and medical innovation and that's what sets us apart.
Premium facilities
Guarantee of the best means and hospital centers distributed by the Madrid Community.
Available 365 days a year, 24-hour a day, in the Emergency Department of the Hospital Quirón San José in Madrid.

Medical Services

We specialize in treating diseases through minimally invasive techniques
and at the hands of the most skilled doctors, each in his specialty.

Cervical herniated disc

A cervical herniated disc is an increasingly common problem in our society.

Facet arthrosis

This injury occupies 40% of lumbar pain, traumatology specialists are required.

Lumbar herniated disc

About 95% of herniated discs occur in the lower back in the vertebrae L4-L5, L5-S1

Low back pain

Low back pain is usually the most common cause of visiting a traumatologist.

Cervical sprain

We are talking about an injury that affects the vertebral joints.

Spinal infection

What you need to know about the 3 types of spinal infection.

Spine Treatment Techniques

Advanced spine endoscopy

Innovative Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique Using Endoscopy

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Cervical Prosthetics

The polyurethane core is the common point of theses. The sequelae of cervical prostheses are null.

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Radiofrequency and infiltrations

Simple treatment in which we use a special needle system.

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Fractures and Reconstructive Surgery

It is the treatment that determines the damage to the spine and the best way to treat it.

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Posterior Lumbar Fusion

Fusion of two lumbar vertebrae to prevent movement. Recovery from lumbar fusion is very positive.

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Anterior Cervical Fusion

Surgical procedure for fixing part of the spine using titanium plates.

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Also called microdiscectomy, it is the most used technique to remove herniated discs.

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AO Spine spine endoscopy training day

AO Spine spine endoscopy training day

Prof. Dr. Elgeadi, as a specialist in endoscopic techniques, participated in the AO Spine Column Endoscopy training session. Do not miss it.

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